I don't think I need to tell you why using a photo editor could enhance your life and business...you're here for a reason. So, you've probably already been thinking about how using a private editor could help lessen your load.

Maybe you just need help editing 1 catalog a month to keep you on top of everything. Or, hey, maybe you want all of your catalogs edited because it's just not your thing! Let me help you put that extra time you'd gain towards spending time with your family or planning your next shoot. Either way, I'm here and would LOVE to help you! 

For photographers who would like to do more than just edit during their free time...

Hello! I'm Veronique. A private photo editor providing wedding, elopement, and portrait photographers with a personable, professional service aimed at encouraging more of a work-life balance for all!

I'm a mother to two kiddos and married to my high school crush...all of which are gingers :) I have a passion for strong coffee, Hanson, house plants, and farmers markets. I'm very much a free spirit that believes in chasing your dreams and doing what makes you happy. Life is too short! I have been in love with photography since middle school, when I got my very first camera, the Canon ELPH. I'm obsessed with capturing moments and preserving memories for people, and have loved editing my own photos for the past 15 years. I've come to realize that my calling really is to help others, so, becoming a private photo editor lets me combine my passions into my dream career!

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